The Space is a Body and You Are In It is a collaborative world-building game. 

Image Description:  A  person sitting at a wooden table holding a stack of cream colored cards. Etched onto the table is six overlapping shapes. Various objects (fluff, moss, salt, wire, rocks, beads, a tassel) are on top of this shape. A piece of black yarn is draped beside. 

Image 1: A canvas tent with an arch way cut out. Inside the tent Is a table with piles of cards on top, twochairs covered in white fabric, and a white piece of paper with words written on it. The inside of the tent appears to be glowing.

Image 2: In the foreground is a large silver dish filled with sand. Resting in the sand is a small metal bowl filled with matches, and a pewter candle snuffer. In the center of the silver dish is a yellow candle with two wicks burning next to eachother. The wax is dripping into the sand. Behind the dish is the canvas tent. A white person with a pony tail is sitting at the table looking at the table, and another is crouched at the end of the table.

Image 3: An overhead view of the table mid game-play. On the surface of the table, there are six overlapping shapes. A piece of black fuzzy yarn is stretched to encircle all of the shapes. Some of the shapes are labeled: ceiling, living, outside. Placed in other sections are various materials: a loose cotton ball, a pile of metal beads, ground coffee, a golden gem. To the left of the play area are two slate rectangles with writing, and four smaller piles of playing cards. They appear to have 1 sentence each.