I Want to Be

Video description: Text generated from a performance overlaid on a warm orange background where a pink and blue blur slowly move toward each other. Transcript here. 

You dial the number provided on the date that you’re supposed to.
You close your eyes and listen.
You enter a room.
There are other people in the room. We are in the room with you.
We tell you how the room is built,
What the room contains
What contains the room
What happens in the room
and how it will eventually all be destroyed.
You listen.

Every call is a new room.

Every performance we lit a candle.
Image description:  Chloë taking a picture of their reflection in a mirror with their phone. In from of them is a jar of water, a shell, a rock, small sculptures including a horse, and a lit candle.  Behind them is their bedroom. 
Image description: Red persian rug with a white extension cable and headphones on top. In the middle, a lit candle in a metal container.

I Want to Be is an improvised spoken dance performed via conference call. Audience members enter the conference call space and listen as an imaginary space is conjured through verbal description.

Each space is created with the intention of being destroyed and we are in it. Like a Rube Goldberg machine, ourselves and elements in the room are animated through our description, one by one affecting each other and dismantling/degrading/destroying the space.


May 14, May 28, June 25, 2021
Spark IV: A New World? / conference call

June 25 - 27, 2021
re:semblance/conference call

Viewing of video
April 2023
Mind Over Matter / CADVC at UMBC / Baltimore, MD

Fall 2023
Tendon Magazine

July 2021
Video documentation
Mind on Fire Variety Show / Current Space & Online / Baltimore, MD